The Design Service

  • We have 25 years of Experience in working with both Commercial and Residential clients.

  • We will discuss all design considerations with you.

  • Are you looking for an ornamental design or something more robust and pragmatic?

  • How will your Railings and Gate fit in with the rest of your security system?

  • Will a Swing Gate or  a Slidegate suit your needs?

  • Might an Arch Gate, a Straight Top or  Dip Down gate look and function best?

  • Gate Restoration and Maintenance is also part of our service.

  • Painting your Gate in Gloss or Semigloss is an optional service but all gates are Corrosion free with or without Painting due to  default Hot Dip Galvanising.

Other Aspects to the Service you can expect:

  • We will discuss all aspects of your security and automation needs.

  • If your need might be for a commercial amount of traffic a commercial Automation system should be fitted or perhaps gates might be progammed to remain open during normal Business hours.